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Selected Works from
Lost Ages of Civilization
volume I

Artist / Illustrator Schel Harris gives us his colorful
vision inspired by a decade of research and discovery
in these full page works. A mythological journey
through fact based knowledge, our ancient ancestors
come alive out of Schels' brush strokes.

Over 4 years in the making, this first in a series is a
wonderful collection of Schel Harris' art works.
To be enjoyed for the wonder it inspires in its'
colour and composition as well as the historical
implications it represents.

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Over 90 Full Page - Full Color illustrations
+ Bonus "tear-out" prints suitable for framing!

This edition brings many art works of the
Lost Ages of Civilization volume I
together in a bound, high quality artbook. On its' own or, as an accompaniment to the Lost Ages series.

A beautiful collection of images selected from
key chapters representing the forgotten story of
human-kinds' journey throughout the earliest
stages of civilization.


Printed in the U.S. on 80 lb gloss stock
suitable for ripping out pages and framing!

But No Need as Every page of igi - is available as prints and postcards!