20+ Years working with "At risk" and Shelter Dogs
Sarasota SPCA Shelter Volunteer
ASPCA Field Investigation and Response Certified
FEMA Animals in Disaster Rescue Certified
Oregon Humane Society -PetPal - Kennel Buddy Volunteer
FearFree Veterinary Certified
Force Free Oregon Founding Member
-Studies and Courses
Canine Ethology - Anatomy / Physiology - Animal Learning
Cambridge Distance Learning
Canine Communication - New Skills Academy
CBCC - KA Study Courses
CPDT- KA Study Courses
E-Training for Dogs
ASUx Applied Behavior Analysis



My focus has been to help Dogs work through their pain and mistreament and to better adjust towards more positive, loving paths in life. Though I will work with Dog owners who have Dogs that are "at risk" of being surrendered to shelters or euthanized in extreme cases, my main focus is working with rescue and shelter Dogs that have already been "damaged" or abused.

Eventually, I will devote my time to shelters and rescues across the U.S. that don't have the resources for dedicated behavior adjustment programs. My "big" goal will be to assist the rescue and rehabilitation of South Korean and Chinese dog meat trade survivors overseas and here in the U.S.


MYTH #1 Dogs need to be Dominated.

The idea that Dogs will dominate their owners if not shown "whos' the boss" is THE most common perpetrated fallacy in keeping and training Dogs..

more MYTHS

  Too much bad and anitiquated information on the behavior of Dogs has permeated mainstream media for much too long!

Trainers and Dog owners alike have committed seriously harmful acts upon Dogs in the pursuit of "Training" and "fixing" behaviors. Harmful myths such as "Dominance" have physically and psychologically damaged perfectly good Dogs leaving them to suffer in miserable, fearful states.

Many of these damaged Dogs can be found in shelters or Rescue organizations or worse, on the street abandoned. Having been "surrendered" for behavior issues or "dropped off" on the sides of roads to fend for themselves is all too common. Without intervention these Dogs can become dangerous to humans, other animals and themselves. Kill shelters euthanize tens of thousands of Dogs yearly for lack of "adoptability". Even the best of shelters and rescues have a never ending battle to help these damaged Dogs adjust to be the healthy animals they deserve to be. While the return rate has decreased over the past decade, there are continually more puppy mills producing damaged Dogs to the public that eventually wind up in these shelters due to "life changes" or surrenders due to "behavior issues" In truth, helping the Dogs is only addressing the symptoms. The Problem is in the Human side.

I can't undo years of media perpetrated training myths but, I can help the Dogs damaged by it to regain some trust and find loving bonds that they desperately want and need.