Over 20 years experience working with All Types of Dogs and Humans!

Experienced, Patient and Positive Professional Dog Trainer working towards Behavior Consultant Certification. Kennel Buddy / Pet Pal at Oregon Humane Society. Dogs are My Life!!

For Puppy manners, Basics and gentle Senior dog care!

Nervous and un socialized Dogs, Hard leash pullers, Dog / leash aggressive dogs my specialty. Large breeds tiny breeds All breeds! No matter how un socialized or untrained your Furry Family Member is! While out on walks or Home visits Your Dog can also learn in fun, in non aversive ways to be a good walker and some basic manners along the way! Exercise, Attention and, Affection are the keys to a Happy, Healthy Canine!


My husband and I adopted a mixed breed female dog from a Portland shelter in late 2011. We knew this dog had medical problems, but soon discovered she had behavior issues.She was afraid of men, sudden movements,loud sounds, meeting new people and the outdoors. After 2 months I learned about Schel H. and hired him to begin walking her. I was relieved to see she took to Schel right away. Schel worked with her 3-4 days a week and I noticed she was becoming calmer and more confident in his care. Schel helped our dog for over four plus years until we moved to a new city. I refer to Schel as “ The Mr. Rogers” of the dog world. He is calm, patient, consistent and experienced working with dogs. He was helpful for helping our dog and I feel good recommending Schel for any dog owner that needs a dog walker, or help with a dog with behavior difficulties.

Pat B



Schel is awesome! He's patient and knowledgable on canine behaviour. He's respectful and calm and treats with a positive reward system. He's very caring and attentive to every individual. Would highly reccomend.

Dorinda and D'Angelo