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Over 20 years experience working with All Types of Dogs.

Puppy manners, Adult Basics and Gentle Senior Dog Care!

Nervous and un socialized Dogs, Hard leash pullers, Dog / leash aggressive dogs my specialty. Large breeds tiny breeds All breeds!

No matter how un socialized or untrained your Furry Family Member is! While out on walks or Home visits You and Your Dog can learn in fun, in non aversive ways to be a good walker and some basic manners along the way! Exercise, Attention and, Affection are the keys to a Happy, Healthy Canine!


* $ 60.00 for Initial Evalauation

$ 20 - $40 per Session (Average 1 -3 Hours per Session )

Every Session Includes: Full Evaluation - Written training programwhen needed for both you and your Dog.

The GOAL is to give YOU the information and Tools to better communicate/ understand your Dogs needs, work through issues and have the know-how to addres issues in the future!



  • Basic Manners - Sit , Stay, Come, Wait
  • Leash Manners - Loose leash walking
  • Fear Issues - People, Men, Doorways, Other Dogs
  • Aggression Issues - Fear, Anxiety, Dogs, Leash
  • Biting, Chewing, Destructive Behaviors
  • Child Safety
  • Kennel Training
  • Veterinary Visits
  • Handling Safety / Issues
  • New Dog / First Dog Help for First Time Owners
  • Dog / Human Communication Education
  • Shelter / Rescue Dog Safety and Communication
  • Daily / Weekly Walks (For Seniors and Dogs in Training)

ALL Breeds! ALL Ages!


You can also SPONSOR a Houseless/ Homeless Dog and Owner to Help with their Dogs Behavior issues and keep their Dog with Them!