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Dogs in Shelters come from a wide variety of situations. Most histories of shelter and rescue dogs is unknown to either the shelter taking them in or the adopters. Surrendered Dogs have some histories but, often those are only partial.

Some reasons for surrendered Dogs are: the owners have died or have had to enter into nursing care. This is most common with senior Dogs and a heartbreaking situation. These senior Dogs possibly have not known any life other than with their lifelong human companions and can be confused, scared and, to risk placing human emotions to Dogs, heart broken.

Many surrenders are also due to behavioral issues. Either the Dog has shown some sort of harm risk to its former humans, other family pets, children or neighbor. "Too hard to train", "Too hyperactive" are common. This is shorthand for issues on the human side of course but, can be serious circumstances in the Dogs' past history too.

Some Dogs come to shelters through Rescue Organizations. Natural disasters, Man-made issues such as breeding "farms", neglected Dogs or strays find refuge in Shelters. These Dogs have been through traumatizing experiences and have a wide variety of behavior issues depending on the situation they have been rescued from.

The Amazing "Second Chance" programs will remove some Dogs from "kill shelters" in other states or areas to low / no kill shelters elsewhere. These Dogs have often been in the shelter system for long periods of time and may have grown accustomed to shelter life while still living with behavioral issues from their pasts.


What all these Dogs in shelters have in common is, some form of LOSS, Lacking Human Companions, Safe Homes and Predicable Environments.

Shelters can also be safe havens for many neglected and "street" Dogs. Lots of human interactions, regular feeding times, medical attention and regular exercise. However nothing can compare to being a part of a family or having a human companion / provider. A permanent bed, food / water bowls and safe environment are the foundation for a happy, healthy Dog.

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